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No Need to Buy solar Panels. Free Solar Panels, Free Installation, Free Maintenance.
You only pay for the energy at a much lower rate than you are currently paying with your utility. Call Now with the numbers.

A Little Theory About Solar Panels

Backed by Over 35,000 Installs

We’re revolutionizing the solar industry with strong support from partners that have funded nearly one billion dollars in solar projects. Clean Energy Solutions strategic partnerships have solidified our position as one of the leaders in the solar energy market place.

It is our mission to provide homeowners with the most efficient, reliable and low cost solar power.

$0 Down
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Clean Energy™ starts with you

We design, install, finance, and service your solar energy system. You use as much or as little energy as you want. The only thing that changes is that you pay a lower rate for your energy.

We promise:

  • To provide you with honest answers to all of your questions and concerns

  • To customize your solar program to fit your specific energy needs

  • To provide a system that combines the best possible value and performance

  • To keep you updated with all relevant information throughout the entire process

  • To deliver what we promised


Award Winning Service With Clean Energy Solutions

We’ve worked hard and won multiple awards as one the fastest growing companies in the solar energy sector. We are proud to say that Sunnova Energy Corporation recently ranked us as it’s Highest Growth corporate partner.


How much does solar energy cost?

Today, solar costs less than traditional electricity. With Clean Energy Solution you don’t pay for solar panels or the installation. The only thing that you pay for is the energy that you actually use.

How does solar power work?

1 Solar panels absorb energy from sun and convert it into DC electricity.
2 The inverters transforms the electric current from solar panels into AC power for your home.
3 AC power then travels to main electrical panel and is distributed throughout your home.
4 Your home’s electricity meter measures the amount of power your solar system produces in a day.
5 Clean Energy Solutions’ performance monitoring system track your energy production to ensure it performs at full potential.

What if I want to sell my solar home?

We get it. You might not stay in your home for next 20 years. If you move, we’ll be there to help transfer your solar power system’s contract to new owners with our customized EZ-Transfer program.